Avoiding bankruptcy in the New Year

A new year can equal a new financial you. As 2014 starts, many are focusing on financial renewal in the New Year. Below are some tips that may help individuals get their financial house in order. The first thing that should be tackled is discretionary spending. This is a category where the battle for fiscal… Read More »

Preventing credit card denials

Using credit cards is a convenient way to pay for merchandise. However, this convenience can become a source of embarrassment when a charge is denied. Though many people use credit cards on a daily basis, very few people know all the things that can trigger a denial on a purchase. When a purchase exceeds the… Read More »

Habits that can hurt a person’s budget

Let’s spend a little time this week discussing spending. More specifically, there are seemingly small spending habits that may be costing Kansas debtors big time. Little things like an occasional restaurant lunch to the re-design of a debtor’s favorite laundry detergent bottle may secretly bust their budget. It is estimated that most Americans eat out… Read More »

Financially preparing for retirement

Graduation season is here again. Caps and gowns are donned with pride as proud family and friends look on with smiles and cheers. With the average graduate leaving college with a debt of over $35,000, there may not be much to cheer about. Once the ceremony is over, graduates must face the realities of launching… Read More »