Bankruptcy can apply to anyone

Every time the phone rings, you are gripped with fear. Trips to the mailbox tie your stomach into knots. At times you feel trapped by your debt. Too embarrassed to ask friends or family for help but in desperate need of relief. If any of these scenarios feel familiar to you, it may be time… Read More »

What are bankruptcy exemptions?

Bankruptcy exemptions can be confusing for residents of Kansas who are considering filing a bankruptcy. The purpose of an exemption is to protect some of your property from being collected by the bankruptcy trustee and sold to satisfy your indebtedness. This prevents you from losing everything when you file a bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy Code provides… Read More »

Can you avoid bankruptcy?

There are two important elements in recovering from a significant amount of debt. Income and time. You need to have sufficient income to pay both your living expenses and your debts. And you need time. And if you have substantial debts, say a significant amount of credit card debt on top of a home mortgage,… Read More »

How final must finality be?

In law, there are substantive legal questions and procedural legal questions. A substantive question might be what is required to be eligible to file a bankruptcy case or what is the legal speed limit for a highway. Procedural questions address issues of the operation of courts and matter like how long do you have to… Read More »