A message from our Founder and Managing Partner

I firmly believe that an organization’s core values lie at its heart and permeate every aspect of its operations. These values become the very fabric of the organization’s culture and ultimately define the organization’s brand. Here at Stockton & Stern, LLC, we have identified five uncompromising and non-negotiable core values that are our brand. Like a compass, these core values have directed and guided the decisions and behaviors of our attorneys and our staff since our formation at the turn of the century.

Our Values:
  • Quality and Timeliness of Our Work: We are responsible for providing the absolute best service and work product to our clients in a prompt, timely and accurate manner. We measure the success of our firm by the quality, timeliness, and value of the work we deliver to our clients. It is this unwavering commitment to providing responsive, high-quality service to our clients that allowed us to steadily grow and attract like-minded colleagues with outstanding qualifications.
  • Client-Centered and Responsive: We are dedicated to helping our clients enhance their lives today and secure their futures tomorrow. We strive to make a positive impact on every client we serve and to truly listen to them so that we can better understand their needs and concerns and can counsel and guide them in choosing the best course of action. By so doing, our clients are given the peace of mind of knowing that they have done everything in their power to protect themselves and those they love. This commitment to our clients has served us well for two decades and we are truly grateful to our growing number of clients with whom we have developed long-term and on-going relationships.
  • Personal Growth and Development: Every member of our team is committed to growth and learning. Personal growth is achieved through reading, seminars, self-study and weekly team meetings. At Stockton & Stern, LLC, we are passionate about our firm and the work we are doing.
  • Accountability and Professionalism: Personal and firm accountability is a must. We participate professionally in what is often an unprofessional arena and will not jeopardize our integrity as individuals or as a firm, even if that means walking away from lucrative business opportunities.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: We are deeply committed to a team approach as we understand that the success of our firm is largely dependent on the constructive engagement of all team members. Our attorneys and staff cooperatively work together and exchange ideas on a daily basis. This collaborative teamwork enables us to draw on each member’s individual talents, thereby, enhancing the quality and scope of the results our clients receive.

Our commitment to these core values has served us well for the better part of two decades now. As the Managing Partner at Stockton & Stern, LLC, I know that these values matter to us, and I believe they matter to our clients.

While we still have our office in Gardner, Kansas, we are also able to meet clients by appointment in Leawood and Overland Park to better serve those who live or work within the I-435 loop of Johnson County, Kansas or Missouri.

If you have already placed your trust in us by becoming a client, whether old or new, my team and I are grateful and look forward to serving as your trusted family advisor for many years to come. If you are not yet a client of our firm and have never had a trusted family advisor to help you navigate life’s many challenges, please contact us today to schedule a free consultation with myself or one of our knowledgeable attorneys.

 – Glenn A. Stockton, Founder and Managing Partner

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