Banks fined for deceptive foreclosure practices

Since the start of the recession, millions of Americans and many people in Kansas have lost their homes to foreclosure. Many people continue to struggle to pay their mortgage each month and are willing to do anything to stop foreclosure. Fortunately, the foreclosure process will likely be changing after federal and state officials reached a… Read More »

National foreclosure rates drop

One of the lingering symptoms of the economic crisis is the increased rate of foreclosures. For the first time since 2007, national foreclosure rates are on the decline. There are contributing factors to this recent decrease such as a change in the law of the nation’s leading foreclosure state. For Kansas families still facing foreclosure… Read More »

Tax day cometh!

Tax day has come and gone for 2013. Some are looking forward to receiving their tax refunds while others are feeling the pain of writing a check to Uncle Sam. Either way, the old saying about death and taxes remains true: taxes cannot be avoided. For those paying back taxes through wage garnishment, discharging non-tax… Read More »

Foreclosure settlement has some up in arms

The recent financial crisis in America gave birth to a variety of economic problems. While some people were able to cope with the economic downturn by pursuing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, many were forced into foreclosures. In some cases, homes in Kansas and other states were wrongfully foreclosed. In a huge settlement, the… Read More »

Feds focus on foreclosure prosecutions

As the economy begins the slow crawl to recovery, there are still remnants of the white-hot housing market. During the height of the foreclosure boom of 2008 and 2009, speculators had a field day at home auctions taking advantage of those who were in the midst of bankruptcy or other financial challenges. Now many speculators… Read More »

Justice Department shines light on mortgage fraud

When the economy took a nose-dive, the housing market across the county – including here in Kansas – went down with it. Some homeowners attempted to have their loans modified while others succumbed to foreclosure. Years later, the validity of some of those foreclosures are being called into question. This has lead individuals to wonder… Read More »

FHA set to restructure loan program

A recent announcement from the Federal Housing Administration may signal that the housing market is recovering from the 2008 economic downswing. The government agency plans to make major changes to their loan offerings in the hopes of returning order to their own balance sheets. The FHA is known for insyring mortgages that require a low… Read More »